buccinoBuccino is on the territory of the ancient Volcei of which it keeps the walls built in IV century b.C. Porta Consina leads to the most ancient part of the town, where there is the main decuman of the Roman town. castello di buccino
Parco Archeologico Urbano dell’antica Volcei (created in 1996) is a fascinating place where many finds were discovered, they give the possibility to reconstruct the life of ancient Buccino, of Middle Ages and later periods. The ancient and the modern towns coexist.
Naturalistic tourism is developing fast, thanks to the presence of the park Dardano-Melara, made of beeches, where many different kinds of mushrooms can be found and of the fluvial park Sele-Tanagro-Calore.
Hand-made pasta festival, in August, is very nice.



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